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  • 200 receipts / mo
  • 7-day receipt history
  • Weblink & QR Codes
  • Remove Branding




  • 2,500 receipts / mo
  • 30-day receipt history
  • Weblink & QR Codes
  • Remove Branding


+$0.01 per extra receipt


  • Unlimited API calls
  • Unlimited receipt history
  • Weblink & QR Codes
  • Custom URL signature



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I go over 200 receipts in the Developer tier?

If you breach the tier limits with the Developer membership, we will begin denying your API requests. If you need the flexibility of receipts at a higher volume or a pay-as-you-go solution, consider updating to the Business tier.

What's 'Weblink & QR Codes'?

Every API call to create a receipt generates a response with a direct_link and a qrcode_img. Both provide a way to link directly to the generated receipt document. The qrcode_img is simply a way for mobile users to visually scan and access their receipt.

How will I be charged if I upgrade in the middle of my billing cycle?

Every time you change your membership tier your billing cycle restarts from that date. For example, if you upgrade to Business on the 20th, you will be billed at Business pricing, plus any overages, on the 20th of the following month.

What does 'Remove Branding' mean?

All receipts created by a Developer account will be branded with a QuickReceipts logo at the footer of the document. Upgrading to a paid tier will remove this branding from the receipt.

How will I be billed if I downgrade from a paid to a free tier?

If you downgrade your membership in the middle of a billing cycle, you will immediately be billed for the current cycle before beginning a new one at a lower tier. For example, if your Business tier begins on the 10th of the month but you downgrade to Developer on the 15th, you will be billed the price of the Business tier, plus any overages, before your new Developer billing cycle begins on the 15th.

What if something is not working? How do we report any issues?

If you experience any issues with our service, please contact us immediately at We will open a support ticket with your report and attempt to address the issue as soon as possible.


Have a Complex Project?

Please reach out to the QuickReceipts team for more elaborate implementations of our APIs.

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