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Reduce the environmental impact of paper receipts


As everyday consumers, we started to notice the amount of waste generated by retailers and restaurants from printing paper receipts. If you haven't done it yourself, surely you can guess what most people do with receipts: they throw them away. As we went from store to store, restaurant to restaurant, we kept asking ourselves: "Why are we still printing so many receipts, and what can we do to change that?"


According to Green America and their Skip the Slip report, the U.S. alone consumes 3.3 million trees and 9.1 billion gallons of water each year as a result of producing paper receipts. In all, that's over 256,000 metric tonnes of paper every year.

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Not only do paper receipts produce an incredible 302 million pounds of solid waste and 4.7 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually, but they're also difficult to recycle because of the chemicals typically used in their production: Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Bisphenol-S (BPS). A 2018 study conducted by the Ecology Center found that 93% of tested receipts contain BPA or BPS, chemicals known to have negative effects on hormones, metabolism, and other bodily systems.

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With all of this in mind, we set out to create the fastest and most sustainable digital receipt at the point of sale, and we didn't stop there. In an effort to create a truly net positive solution to the paper receipt issue, we've partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest non-profit conservation and education organization dedicated to planting trees. For every 25,000 receipts generated by our API and for every major company milestone, we'll donate a tree to their cause.

To keep track of our efforts, check on this page from time to time - we'll start keeping a live track of our progress and impact to date. You can also sign up for our newsletter, where we'll send you updates with every major milestone.

Help us make our world a greener place and paper receipts a thing of the past.

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