A simple solution with seamless integration

Deliver receipts through QR codes by turning any POS screen into a digital receipt generator with our easy-to-use API. Empower everyone to support an eco-friendly choice at the register.

  • Reduce checkout times at the register
  • Save on paper, ink, and printers
  • Give customers the privacy they want
  • No mobile app required

Just point your camera

Simply point your smartphone camera for automatic QR code recognition. When recognized, QuickReceipts presents your receipt almost instantly.

  • awards one
  • awards tnwo
  • awards three

Save from your phone however you like

Save to iCloud? Google Drive? Dropbox? The receipt is your document to do as you please.

Easily share receipts in an email or text

Need to keep track of expenses or split a bill? Easily share the receipt with any contact.

Throw away digitally. No waste.

Don't need your receipt anymore? Disposal is as easy as closing a browser tab.

Developers Making
a Difference

An API that can do some good for the environment

Over 3 million trees are consumed each year as a result of producing paper receipts. At QuickReceipts, we wanted to do something to help.

As part of our GreenReceipts Initiative, we are working with the Arbor Day Foundation to help plant a tree for every 25,000 receipts generated by our API.

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